eCloud implementation at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart


Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, based in Miami, FL, is a Catholic college preparatory day school for girls.  Carrollton contacted UDT looking for opportunities to improve the capabilities and services available to their students and faculty. They needed a fully integrated solution that would allow them to collaborate and share data across multiple sites with different levels of capabilities. They also needed to have advanced disaster recovery capabilities in the event of natural disasters in order to meet accrediting requirements.

Their needs made this the ideal implementation for eCloud – an on-premise, private cloud developed by UDT with the help of Microsoft and Cisco.

Fully managed yet flexible solution

eCloud is a fully integrated, drop in solution that is easy to manage. Carrollton did not have to worry about the complexity of the solution itself with UDT experts managing the servers, which could be hosted either locally or remotely. The eCloud solution gave them the capability to manage the private cloud, Office 365, and Microsoft’s public cloud all through one platform.

eCloud’s user interface is web-based and easy to use, allowing teachers to create an environment in real time to maximize students learning. For example, if an instructor needs to create a web server to hold class projects, they can create one quickly for the semester and delete it when the class has concluded. This consumption-based service provides increased flexibility for teachers and reduces overhead cost for the school.

Cross-site collaboration

When Carrollton was looking for a solution for their school, they wanted the possibility to increase cross-site collaboration capabilities. They were looking to go one step further than the Office 365 capabilities they currently used and be able to share work across all of their sister schools around the United States, each with different levels of capabilities.

eCloud was able to fulfill that requirement and in turn improve the value of the educational experience for their students. For example, a class was required to complete a robotics project in conjunction with the NAU robotics program. In the past, each school managed a small portion of the project and was forced to send things back and forth between teams. eCloud allowed them to instantly collaborate by uploading to their own private cloud.

Integrated disaster recovery capabilities

In the world of academia, a full and robust disaster recovery strategy is one of the requirements of the accrediting bodies. With the school being located on Florida’s coast, a high risk of natural disasters is of particular concern to Carrollton. The eCloud solution provides simplified backup capabilities and allows them to fully replicate and run their servers in the cloud. Should anything happen, workloads could easily bemoved to new servers and data recovery would be quick and seamless.

With eCloud, Carrollton schools gained a fully managed yet flexible cloud solution, the ability to work in a collaborative, scalable server environment, and an integrated and comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.

Is it your turn?

If you think it’s time to adopt a cloud platform, contact us.  UDT is happy to share how eCloud can work for your company or to help you compare different cloud solutions.

UDT Donates Bikes to Children at Boys and Girls Club

Doral Fl – June 4, 2015 – As leaders at UDT planned the company’s annual sales meeting, they searched for ways to give back to the community. That led to a team-building activity that produced 24 bikes for children at the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.

The event was held April 22 at the W Fort Lauderdale Hotel, where 120 employees gathered for the corporate challenge. The group was divided into 12 teams and each team was tasked with assembling two bicycles. In total, 24 bikes were assembled – 12 for boys and 12 for girls.

After inspecting the bikes for safety, children with the Boys and Girls Club were told to choose whatever bikes they wanted.  The children, decked in light blue T-shirts and sunshades, dashed across the field to the bikes of their choice.  In addition to the bicycles, worth an estimated $60 each, the children also received helmets.

“It was an exciting moment for not only the children, but also our employees, who enjoyed seeing the smile on each child’s face when they received their new bike,” said UDT President and CEO Henry Fleches. “By working together, our employees were able to impact the community in a powerful way. We hope to do this again in the future.”

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Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by the Enterprise Mobility Suite

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