Alexandra Romero

Product Owner Miami, FL
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What’s your work-life philosophy?

If you like what you do for a living, that’s already 50% of your life spent doing something that brings you joy and satisfaction. It sounds a little cliché, but I do believe that if you work hard, and give your best at work, you should do the same in your personal life, and do the things you love when not working. 

What does a typical day as a Product Owner look like?

I start the day by checking in with all my development teams during our daily stand-ups. This is a very important part of my day as I get updates on where we are with the different projects on our pipeline and the work needed to deliver them. After that, my day is pretty much a combination of meetings with stakeholders and team members. 

I also try to review our Jira (project management system) boards in between meetings. A big part of my job consists of documenting and prioritizing what needs to be done as well as making sure my teams have everything ready for development and implementation. I make sure all priorities are met and everything is on track.

How does your role help to elevate the customer’s experience?

I am a bridge between customers/stakeholders and the development teams. My job is to reduce that gap in communication and translate the customer/stakeholder’s needs into clear requirements. This helps to ensure that the team delivers valuable solutions that meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. 

What technology solutions do you use in your role?

Jira, Teams, Outlook, PBI, etc.

What is the best professional advice you would give?

A good aptitude/disposition to learn, serve and get things done, no matter what you do will always get you far. 

People would be surprised if they knew you…

… love to watch MMA fights!

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

I am passionate about traveling, I like to take little trips throughout the year and one big international trip once a year. I also enjoy going to the beach and cooking. Lastly, I love salsa dancing!

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