UDT Partners With iTech@ Thomas A. Edison To Create A Warranty Repair Center


iTech@ Thomas A. Edison, a Miami-Dade Magnet High School, provides high-school students with the opportunity to learn real-world field studies, conduct research and complete projects. iTech’s Networking Track was created to help students develop a technical skillset and secure a job in the technology field if they do not wish to continue their education upon graduation. UDT (UDT) was asked to partner with iTech. After several meetings, UDT and Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) decided to create a Warranty Repair course to supplement the Networking Track and help better prepare students for the future.

“iTech is a grant funded program to provide technology opportunities to all students in the Miami-Dade district,” said iTech’s Principal, Dr. LaShinda S. Moore. “The purpose is to expose students to the application side of technology throughout high school so they have a solid career path if they choose to not attend college. We strive to set up all students for success and the best possible future.”

“The thought process of the TechHub is to do something that had never been done before in terms of collaboration with a Miami Dade partner and a school site,” said LaShawn Kinder, Grant Project Coordinator for Miami Dade County Public Schools. “This partnership creates a course that would not only apply to the real world, but one that allows students to then transfer and apply their knowledge immediately in a learning environment. The TechHub provides a unique opportunity for students to be in a learning environment and receive an internship experience while on the school campus. UDT is the perfect partner to create a Warranty Repair course as they have shown their passion to work with students and were very receptive to initiating a bold new venture with an education partner.”

UDT worked with iTech to develop the Warranty Repair curriculum, design the lab and provide the requirements and tools necessary for this course. UDT brings devices to the TechHub that were broken while in use of the classroom and in need of repair while also supplying the replacement parts. Students have the opportunity to work on the same broken devices that UDT technicians would be repairing themselves.

“I am onsite two to three days per week during the TechHub’s LAB hours to teach the students how to correctly perform warranty repairs, answer questions and check their work when complete,” said Daniel Rivera, UDT’s Warranty Repair Lead. “I mentor each student in the Warranty Repair program to ensure they are able to troubleshoot and perform diagnostics on laptops, tablets and desktops. The program has been very successful as we now have more than 30 students who have earned their HP warranty repair certification!”

During the Warranty Repair course, all students become HP Certified to Repair. This is a real-world certification, earned online, that students can add to their resumes to help secure job opportunities upon graduation. This HP certification is the accreditation that all UDT repair professionals have earned and currently hold. When a student completes the Warranty Repair course, it means they will have the opportunity to apply for summer jobs with UDT and the Pad Warehouse. They will also have the technical skillset to potentially become internally trained, MDCPS school technicians.

“We give back to our community with the goal of better preparing students for their future,” said Henry Fleches, CEO for UDT. “We work closely with Miami Dade to provide modern-day devices and cutting-edge infrastructure, making for the best possible learning environment. We believe the skills students learn during K-12 shape the path to their future and we are proud to partner with iTech to help mold the next generation.”


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iTech@ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center, a Miami-Dade Magnet High School, provides students with the opportunity to conduct real-world field studies, research and projects in an environment that models today’s successful businesses. Students will have an opportunity to earn industry certifications while preparing for college and beyond. To learn more, please visit http://www.itechhighschool.com/