Customer Case Study: Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Solutions – Sales and Marketing

United Data Technologies (UDT) is currently supporting a very large Microsoft Azure application migration initiative for The Marketing Industry Client.


Sales and marketing agency in Florida, focused on the consumer space, with a sizeable number of offices around the world and a very large employee distribution.


United Data Technologies (UDT) is currently supporting a very large Microsoft Azure application migration initiative for The Marketing Industry Client. The project represents migration and upgrade of workloads from 250 on premises servers to Azure. It has been undertaken to modernize The Marketing Industry Client’s IT—upgrading the company’s broadly-distributed technology environment to better utilize and/or replace entirely costly, ageing hardware and move critical services to the cloud. It is, according to UDT’s Azure Cloud services lead, a “straight IaaS lift and shift,” to support that modernization.

  • Deal Size: Approximately 250 servers migrated to MS Azure services
  • Vertical/Region: Sales and Marketing; Florida (and nationwide/worldwide)



United Data Technologies (UDT) is a Microsoft Gold-competency Partner. The project for this Marketing Industry Client was performed by UDT in partnership with another consultancy, leveraging UDT’s specific experience in migrating Virtual Machines (VMs) to Microsoft Azure. This effort was undertaken in parallel with a large Greenfield Business Intelligence, Azure Data Lake Analytics project that identified, and provided proof-of-concept for Azure as the best Cloud Datacenter platform for the client. (Azure Data Lake Analytics is the “on-demand analytics job service to power intelligent action” for “massively parallel data transformation and processing programs in U-SQL, R, Python, and .NET over petabytes of data.) UDT and the collaborative team have and continue to implement, migrate and scale Azure data and services for this Marketing Industry client.


  1. UDT’s team was engaged by The Marketing Industry Client for a three (3)-month planning and assessment initiative to determine all environmental needs, and to accommodate the sheer size of the proposed Microsoft Azure migration engagement. This included:

o How to architect The Marketing Industry Client’s MS Azure Data Center footprint

o Azure Virtual Network infrastructure roadmap

o Determining virtual equivalents to on-premises (“on-prem”) systems

  1. Following the assessment, phase one of UDT’s project for The Marketing Industry Client was/ is to provide services to get the company’s business apps, data, and other services into the cloud, and to continue hosting and managing important legacy technology, and/or to move, in entirety, to new products and services.


  • Among the many services being migrated by UDT are those currently/previously managed on a series of Fortinet virtual appliances for which The Marketing Industry Client has invested in obtaining significant knowledge, training, etc. for the company’s technology team.
  • UDT has been tasked to modernize these services to “Next Generation Security for Azure.” This would offer “consistent, multi-layered security from across clouds and datacenters to Microsoft Azure,” with seamless “security management and visibility across clouds and datacenters from Microsoft Azure.”

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