Despite Wilting Economy, UDT’s New CFO Will Cultivate Business Growth

UDT (UDT), Florida-based Information Technology specialists
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DORAL, FL – UDT (UDT), Florida-based Information Technology specialists, is pleased to announce that James Cline, former Vice President of Finance and developer of Inc., has joined the UDT team in the position of Chief Financial Officer. Despite a waning economy, UDT continues to grow, and the addition of James Cline to the UDT team ensures that a new direction and enhanced controls will bring even greater success to both UDT and its clients.

With more than two decades of experience in financial management, James Cline offers the UDT team his expertise in the development and management of financial reporting, accounting and internal control systems for large-scale operations. As Vice President of Finance with, Inc., he was instrumental in the development and success of the CBS website, a top 10 global web property with more than 170 million visitors monthly.

“James understands the business of media and e-commerce,”

says Senior Partner, CEO/President, Henry Fleches.

“As UDT’s business strategy expands into e-commerce, James’s experiences, along with his strategic and tactical approach, are going to prove beneficial for both our clients and our company. He’s going to be instrumental in helping us reach both our short- and long-term goals.” UDT clients can expect to experience an immediate positive impact from the addition of James Cline.

He’ll provide direction from a systems standpoint, instituting the most effective and cost-efficient methods for project management and completion, automated information, order statuses and contract tracking in a real-time automated fashion. Says UDT Senior Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing, Gerard Amaro, “James’s ability to automate systems for our customers is going to make acquiring, managing and operating their technology needs more convenient and efficient than ever before. And that’s going to drive customer satisfaction up even higher than it is right now.”

Seeing the potential for growth in a variety of areas, James is looking forward to expanding and enhancing UDT’s service to its already burgeoning markets. “I’m thrilled to be joining the UDT team,” says Cline. “The technology needs of the education market continue to grow as do the healthcare and business sectors. For example, there’s a greater emphasis now on audio/visual technology and the cost-cutting benefits of high-end video and teleconferencing as money saving alternatives to air travel and out of control business expenses.”

Additionally, James believes that UDT is poised to grow in many other areas. As one of HP’s most esteemed vendors, James will assist UDT in expanding geographically to serve the growing needs of a variety of markets across the country. James also foresees offering his counsel in acquisitions and mergers between UDT and other IT firms, thus growing UDT’s portfolio and broadening the menu of services offered to their customer base. Finally, James is ready to provide his expertise in those areas closer to UDT’s home, managing financial accounting, implementing financial metrics and controls, improving reporting and financial analysis and internal controls, and enriching internal systems and reporting.

For additional information on James Cline, UDT’s leading edge technology, or our products and services, please contact 305-882-0435 or email Since 1995, UDT has provided customers with the power of technology by offering innovative systems, superior guidance and education, and effective long-term strategies and ideas. With a history of community involvement, UDT continues to grow and offer their customers the ability to “accomplish more.”

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