App Modernization

Leverage cloud capabilities to revamp your apps for performance and user-experience​

Find the best path towards migrating apps or building new ones in a modern cloud platform

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Your apps make everything tick; your organization’s day-to-day depends on functioning, capabilities, and ease of use. Dependence on these apps is why it’s often difficult to move away from legacy software and infrastructure. But our digital business era demands organizations to have the agility to deliver new services and business outcomes with speed. Your apps can and should do more, perform better, and improve user-experience.

Legacy applications are often difficult to update and expensive to scale, but modernization can solve both of those challenges. UDT will help you assess your existing apps and organizational goals to build application modernization projects that reap the most benefit from the cloud in terms of ROI and user-experience.

UDT helps you do more with less by identifying and addressing challenges specific to your organization’s apps with both cost and innovation at the forefront of our approach. With your business goals in alignment with your IT strategy, we’ll help you a modernization path that’s best for your applications, end-users, and your budget.

Define a modernization path

Establish and execute a seamless migration path for your organization’s apps to a cloud or hybrid environment where you can improve performance and user-experience for all stakeholders.

Develop on a cloud platform

Leverage a cloud platform to develop modern applications designed to take full advantage of cloud capabilities and capacity.

App Modernization Services

Migrate and transform

Seamlessly migrate and transform existing apps to a cloud environment where you can automate and modernize processes.

Modern SDL

Our app modernization architecture is approached with a modern SDL, ensuring a secure migration process.

Refactor, Rearchitect, or Rebuild

Modify your existing applications to leverage cloud capabilities through an approach that fits your specific needs and budget.

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Modernize performance and improve user-experiences.

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