Don’t Cancel Your Event, Host it Virtually!

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According to Wired, conferences are a trillion-dollar industry that bring unique networking opportunities that are difficult to find elsewhere. Due to recent events, conferences and other live events have been canceled all over the world.

In hopes of continuing to share ideas and professional knowledge, companies are trying to find effective alternatives for in-person events while still maintaining a personal atmosphere. An unexpected bright side to these trying times is the new array of options for hosting those same events online!

Platforms like Cisco WebEx Events are allowing virtual conferences and lectures to be more efficient than ever. Cisco WebEx Events offers the following services to help your event transition seamlessly:

  • Ability to video conference, screenshare, chat, and conduct Q&As and polls.
  • Customizable invitations and registration process that allows you to track and follow leads.
  • Webinars able to host up to 3,000 attendees!
  • Recording capabilities so you can share your webinar, lecture, or event after it happens.

Let UDT set you up for success with Cisco WebEx Events! Contact us today.

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