Enterprise Mobility + Security and UDT: keeping employees connected and secure

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IT departments face a slew of new challenges, ranging from maintaining multiple user identities and devices, increased security risks, and keeping employees working from multiple remote spots connected. Some of the issues that employees and IT professionals face is a large number of login credentials needed to have employees access key platforms.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) was built to help employees and IT professionals alike. With EM+S, employees can access their most vital platforms with a single sign on (SSO), while still protecting their identity. Not only can employees easily access their work, but IT professionals can also better protect business resources for personal and company issues devices.

EM+S makes it easy to protect sensitive information and keep employees productive. With UDT and Microsoft, companies can rest assured their devices and data are protected. UDT is one of the only 100 Microsoft 1-Tier Cloud Service Providers in North America. What does this mean for you? UDT can be the main point of contact to set up the mobility suite from start to finish. To learn more about how UDT can work your company to set up EM+S, visit our site.

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