Florida International University Hospitality Management Students Get a Taste of High-Tech Cooking Through State-of-the-Art Lab from UDT

Lights! Camera! ….Cook! These words seem more suitable for a movie set than a hospitality management school

Miami, FL – December 8, 2009 – Lights! Camera! ….Cook! These words seem more suitable for a movie set than a hospitality management school. But that’s what’s cooking at Florida International University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management thanks to the audio visual expertise of UDT (UDT). UDT, one of the fastest growing IT firms in the United States (“50 Up and Coming VAR’s-Everything Channel)” installed the new state-of-the-art equipment at the FIU food demonstration lab.

The professional audio visual system replaces a traditional overhead mirror that allowed students to view the instructors’ actions on the cooking surface. Now, instead of looking at a reflection in a mirror, the aspiring chefs can keep an eye on their instructors via three 65-inch Panasonic plasma monitors mounted on a truss a- la Food Network environment.

“We wanted to upgrade the technology, and in doing so we brought in a wow factor so people walking by this room would stop and take a look inside to see what was going on.”

said Joseph Cilli, , Hospitality Information Systems Director at FIU.

“The students love it…They’re encouraged by this because they can see that we’re putting their tuition dollars back into their education.” The high-tech audio visual project required a significant amount of customization.  “UDT’s customer-centric approach got the job done despite the challenges.” states Cilli. “This is my first big project working with UDT,” he said, “and the professionalism, the attention to detail, their creativity and willingness to take on any project that I gave them was outstanding. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.” In addition to the monitors, UDT also installed six high-definition Panasonic cameras, JBL speakers, a customized truss with lighting, ceiling and hands-free lavelier microphones and confidence monitors so instructors can monitor their actions while standing in front of the students.

The company also equipped instructors with Crestron® controllers that allow them to operate the audio-visual equipment while teaching using a wall-mounted PC teacher’s station. The equipment can also be operated in a control room adjacent to the lab. FIU will use the newly installed equipment to record sessions for their distance learning classes, as well as produce shows featuring celebrity chefs and former students. In addition, the upgraded lab will feature prominently in FIU’s upcoming marketing collateral as a show- piece to attract and recruit prospective students. “It’s all in high-definition, so the image quality is second to none,” states Cilli.

“I do believe this gives us a big competitive advantage, and we can leverage it as a recruiting tool for potential students.” UDT enjoys a unique position as an IT firm capable of handling a variety of IT projects ranging from AV solutions and installations to business solutions such as data recovery, power management and network security.

“This project is one of our most customized audio-visual applications. This is where UDT excels compared to other IT firms. Our ability to bring our clients’ vision from concept to reality is what separates us from the pack. Helping to bring FIU’s state-of-the-art cooking demonstration lab to fruition was without a doubt a marquis opportunity that we are extremely proud of.”

states Zoran Visnjic, Senior Director of AV Solutions at UDT.

For an interactive view of Florida International University’s state of the art cooking lab, please visit: “Florida International Students Get A Taste of High-Tech Cooking” For additional information or media inquiries about UDT or the upgraded FIU cooking lab, please contact them at 305-882-0435. For all media inquiries, please e-mail [email protected] .

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