Harvey Brisard

NOC Supervisor Miramar, FL
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What’s your work-life philosophy?
I read somewhere that one should be passionate about your life first, then figure out how your work fits into it. I believe this to be true. Having flexibility in the workplace and being able to balance work activities with non-work activities, can end up making employees more productive. I feel that is good for business.  I see this is happening more and more with employees having the ability to work remotely.

What do you like best about working at UDT?

I enjoy the team mentality in my department.  Everyone is willing to help others with their challenges and mentor newer team members without being asked.  I also enjoy seeing team members step up to fill when we have missing resources or knowledge gaps whenever needed.

What does a typical day as a NOC Supervisor look like?
I can’t say there is a typical day as a NOC Supervisor. As a NOC Supervisor, I attend daily internal and client-facing meetings concerning NOC operations, but my focus is making sure that our clients’ network, infrastructure, and backups are operating optimally. My team and I face new challenges daily with our customers’ technology and business concerns and we are more than happy to help them find a resolution to their challenges.

What technology solutions do you use in your role?

At the NOC, we use and support a variety of on-premises and cloud technologies ranging from Microsoft Enterprise server solutions, storage solutions including SAN, NAS, Cloud solutions with Azure, AWS, Google, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), BaaS (Backup as a Service), mobile and BYOD solutions.  Those solutions are offered with a variety of partners like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Fortinet, Rubrik, etc.

What is the best professional advice you would give?

Never stop learning and increasing your knowledge. In IT, if you don’t increase your knowledge and get certified or recertify, you are not really bringing any value to your team or to your company.  As a leader it is also important that you have a good understanding of the technology the engineers who report to you work with and you need to stay on top of the technology trends. It’s also important to understand the client’s big picture and put yourself in their shoes.

People would be surprised if they knew you…  

I dance and organize parties where I deejay. I love dancing and deejaying as they are my hobbies and passion. Back in 2010, I performed at a big event called the NY International Salsa Congress with my dance team (I think the video is out there somewhere on YouTube).  I sometimes still get hired to travel and deejay large dance events on the weekends.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?  
Spending time with family and friends, traveling. On my days off I also study for IT certification exams and enroll in classes to further my knowledge and education.

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