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Gain Visibility into Threat Environments and Achieve Compliance Faster with Secure Modern Healthcare Powered by SCyOps™

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Enable compliant, secure, and reliable environments in the healthcare industry

Healthcare organizations have complex challenges and face increasing pressure to protect confidential information, maintain secure systems, and combat growing cyber threats.

SCyOps™ software focuses on the practical integration of managed security, managed services and enterprise risk management. It enables real-time evaluation, validation, and corrective action for entrerprise-level cybersecurity controls. SCyOps™ adds extra layers of security while creating radical transparency into the cyber risk environment for leadership and technical teams.

Secure Modern Healthcare Powered by SCyOps ensures maturity and
effectiveness against threats and
83% compliance coverage around


Modules within the SCyOps™ platform address specific challenges within the healthcare industry:
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This module focuses on establishing mature cyber risk management programs, enabling the rapid development of cyber operational maturity, compliance drift control monitoring, and comprehensive reporting.

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Lets you view service levels and handle incidents in your environment through a comprehensive ticketing system, and direct access to reporting, playbooks, communication plans and categorized escalation to align asset criticality and service level.

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Our base solution for any cybersecurity strategy. It incorporates a cyber program baseline and adapts to any change in operational maturity or growth, scaling to healthcare systems of any size.

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The Risk module allows you to categorize assets by level of criticality and determine how available technologies and services solutions address threat scenarios specific to your healthcare system.

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Overwatch provides risk evaluation and continuous monitoring, enabling comprehensive risk management across the entire organization.

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Simulate is our marketplace for products and services that lets you compare new technologies and service solutions against your organization’s maturity requirements.


Avoid significant costs in time and resources

Gain an experienced partner specialzied in security and compliance challenges

Add extra layers of security for real-time visibility

Achieve and maintain compliance

Maximize your existing resources

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