Henry Fleches on AI’s role in business and UDT’s link to Intel

UDT’s Henry Fleches discusses AI’s transformative role in business. Learn how AI shapes operations and drives innovation for a competitive advantage.

Originally published by South Florida Business Journal on May 28, 2024 (PDF)

Click on the link above to access the free podcast, during which Fleches discusses how UDT has evolved, AI’s role in business and his company’s relationship with Intel.

The following is a brief excerpt from the conversation, edited for clarity and brevity:

Meléndez: Many tech companies flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic as more people worked remotely. How did you keep up with that demand?

Fleches: It was a very difficult time because the supply chain was heavily constrained because of Covid. And it put a lot of strain on us because our folks also had to abide by Covid-19 protocols … so the way that we serviced customers had to be very different. Everything had to be facilitated remotely. So, it definitely forced us to change our operation and the outcomes we measured. It really drove differences for us, including a lot of the deliverables that we deliver to customers today.

Meléndez: There’s currently a lot of interest in artificial intelligence and its potential implications on businesses. What’s your take on the current status of AI?

Fleches: The first thing I’ll say is that a lot of folks may mistake AI for automation. And the technology community has been working to automate things for a very long time [and] that could be workflows, it could be processes, etc. But when you really talk about artificial intelligence, it’s how do you take the data that you have and actually do something with it and leverage some form of intelligence in order to have a more complete response, a more appropriate response, and a more complete human outcome. Something that is humanized in a way that we can interpret, that we can understand and that we can consume. AI has really been around since the 1940s. What really has changed and evolved is generative AI which has become pervasive today and that is really what’s moving the needle.


Meléndez: Concerns have been raised about the use of AI. Can you speak on the potential obstacles and the opportunities linked to artificial intelligence?

Fleches: Well, as you know, all good things could be used for bad purposes, right? And AI is no different. So, we can focus on some of the negatives with AI. And they do exist … because there’s a lot of bad actors out there trying to do things that are inappropriate. So, you should try to educate yourself on those things, just like we have with credit card fraud and other things that we’ve dealt with over time. Because there’s a lot of good implications for business, and some [business] folks are concerned about adopting AI. But I would be concerned about not adopting it, because if your competitors adopt it and you don’t, you’re going to be at a disadvantage.

Tune into the Florida Business Minds episode above for the full conversation with Fleches. Then, find more Florida Business Minds podcasts here.

Originally published by South Florida Business Journal on May 28, 2024 (PDF)

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