How Our Partners are Supporting Distance Learning and Remote Working

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As social distancing restrictions become tighter, working and learning remotely has become a necessity. With that comes the challenges of maintaining communication with students and co-workers.

Check out what some of our partners are doing to make this transition easier:

Microsoft is urging for companies and education institutions to take advantage of their services for working and learning remotely. This includes their Teams service which allows for collaborative meetings, virtual classes, and instant communication. Learn more

Cisco has extended the capabilities of their free WebEx conferencing offer in all countries where it is available, not only those affected by COVID-19. These features include: unlimited usage, supports up to 100 participants, and includes toll dial-in. Additionally, they will be providing free, full-featured 90-day licenses in this time of need. Learn more

If you need additional help in executing any of the services mentioned, contact us by clicking the banner below.

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