How Students Benefit from Technology in the Classroom


Imagine a classroom that goes beyond books to make lessons come alive. Picture students engaging in multi-media lessons instead of memorizing lists of dates and facts. When technology and education meet, learning comes alive. At UDT, we’ve helped K-12 educators adopt the right technology solutions for the classroom. Our Core Classroom initiative has provided the following benefits for students throughout Florida and across the country.


By integrating technology into lessons, teachers can provide students with greater freedom to move at their own pace. Teachers can create supplemental lessons online to help build skills and get more practice in a particular area. This allows students to move through coursework at the right pace so they can truly master the material. Supplemental online learning can also provide another means for students and teachers to meet Common Core state standards.


Learning to use technology is essential for today’s students. By bringing technology into the classroom, educators can help students develop the skills necessary for the modern workplace. In addition to learning how to use the technology itself, students will also build important collaboration skills and learn to work independently. Breaking the mold with UDT!


When teachers integrate technology into lessons, learning is simply more fun. Instead of lecturing or writing notes on the board, teachers can use online videos, virtual lessons, and skill-building websites to keep students engaged. Instant research capability can help students dig deeper into topics and explore subjects more fully.

UDT can help school districts make a plan for incorporating technology into the classrooms and train teachers on best practices. We provide a range of services, including data back-up, cloud management, and the tools for web-based collaboration. Contact us at (800) 882-9919 to learn more about how we can help your school, commercial enterprise, or healthcare group get the IT support you need.

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