Inspired Hospitality Tech for Extraordinary Guest Experiences

The UDT team is dedicated to working with hospitality clients to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction. To
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Every industry is reliant on technology to function, but the hospitality industry has a specific set of needs. Cruise lines, hotels, airlines, and resorts of all sizes need technology that helps improve the guest experience. This tech can range from providing technical support to installing cloud based solutions that serve as back-up and recovery points.

Some of the services that UDT can provide are the following:

Infrastructure Support

  • WLAN
    Drives guest satisfaction by bettering user experiences in high-density spaces (conference centers, auditoriums, arenas, ballrooms)
  • Backup / Recovery / Business Continuity
    Reduces operational complexity and costs of your data center by leveraging cloud solutions built to enable redundancy and better respond to catastrophe

Managed Networking

  • Technical Support
    Reduce costs by relying less on in-house support for day-to-day operational tasks (password resets, computer maintenance, server maintenance)
  • Lifecycle Management
    Decrease complexity by utilizing an online portal to track the lifecycle of any asset (PCs, printers, tablets, phones)
    Track and manage by warranty status, product end of life, product end of support, and more to provide a 360-degree view of assets to plan for capital and operational costs

Managed Security

  • UDTSecure™ Configuration through Procurement
    Reduce operational issues by ensuring all devices are configured and connected in a secure environment
    Allows for a single pane-of-glass to procure, configure, and secure any device that connects to your network, streamlining security practices
    Avoid filtering through logs and paying senior staff to wait for an issue by securing your environment with industry-leading professionals, dedicated to your organization 24/7

The UDT team is dedicated to working with hospitality clients to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction. To learn more, download our one pager now.

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