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With the knowledge, experience and training they will Accomplish More.
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Over the summer, United Data Technology Cybersecurity Internship program hosted five bright individuals: Alex Alonso, Daniel Luna, Joshua Bazail, Justin Amaro and Rafael Cestti. The team wrapped up their program at the end of July.

Their internship program was a combination of the UDT Cybersecurity Training program (based on CISCO CCNA Cyber Ops certification), hacking simulations, Metasplotable 2, hands-on training by staff, labs, and real life exercises.

Skills the interns acquired:

Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, Red team, Blue Team, SIEM, SOC Analyst, SQL Injections, cross site scripting, SSH, decoding, encryption, decryption, hex dumping, smashing the stack, binary decode, VM, file compression/decompression, Networking fundamentals, firewalls, switching, shell scripting.

Tools our interns used:

NMAP, Kali Linux, VMware ESXI, John the Ripper, Metasploit, Nessus Scanner, OpenVAS, Putty, Burp Suite, Wireshark, OWASP, McAfee, FortiSIEM, ConnectWise, CISCO Talos, MXToolBox, Shodan.

With the knowledge, experience and training they will Accomplish More.

Special thanks to our cybsecurity team for providing mentorship throughout program: John Abascal, Jorge Padilla, Mike Sanchez, Nick Shuman, Shawn McIntosh, and Yousuf Muhammad.


CCNA Cyber Ops

Metasplotable 2


Hacking Simulation Websites
Smash The Stack
Pentester Lab
Pentest Simulations Guides

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