Leadership Miami through the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

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Each year, approximately 100 professionals in the Miami area are selected to participate in a year-long program aimed at building new leaders in the community with the goal of making Miami a better place to live and work. This group of individuals meets monthly for seminars, lectures, leadership-building skill training, as well as to work towards a community service project. According to the website, “The purpose of Leadership Miami is to prepare the next generation of Miamians to meet future challenges.” Sponsored by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, as well as other corporate partners, Leadership Miami is one of the premier leadership training and community service groups in the area.

Throughout the run of the program, participants are placed in small groups with the task of creating a service project for the betterment of the Miami community. These projects can range from building butterfly gardens to aid for the increasing homeless population. Each group is responsible for the planning and implementation of the project, including securing funding, while working in conjunction with selected non-profits.

Leadership Miami allows professionals in the community the opportunities to network with current leadership, as well as build a network for the upcoming superstars who will one day sit in the C-suites around town. One of the big goals of this program, according to the website, is to adopt a L.E.A.D. program vision for the planning of all Leadership Miami® activities. L.E.A.D stands for:

  • Leadership Inspiring
  • Educationally Relevant
  • Active Participation
  • Diverse Perspectives

UDT is proud to announce that two Miami-based employees have been chosen as participants for the upcoming 2014-2015 Leadership Miami class. Congratulations to them!

To learn more about Leadership Miami, click here.

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