Learn to Code This Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving is about sharing time with family and friends. So is making and coding. Sit down with an uncle or grandparent and code a game.
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By: Laylah Bulman, Education Strategist

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and the only Maker activity you may be considering is how you’ll be able to fit all the turkey and trimmings into your fridge as you prep for the big meal.

However, after the pie and mashed potatoes have been served, and as the stacked dishes dare you to clean them, you may consider that the Thanksgiving weekend may be ideal for something else: learning to code!

The weekend may be a short respite before the pre-Winter break rush, but for our students the weekend is a loooong one. With the Hour of Code starting on December 4th, this Thanksgiving break is perfect to have students explore Code.org or work on some cool #MakeCode projects.

Microsoft’s #MakeCode has really great Hands-On #CS activities that are perfect for all ages and learning levels. Your students can play with Chibitronics and Wonder Workshop, LittleBits, SparkFun, SEEED and MicroBit – all from home. The projects have you up and coding and making – instantly – whether you’re a block coding *n00bie* or a scripting ninja!

MakeBlock – the robotics engineering platform that allows kids to start coding with facial and voice recognition using Scratch! – has great online apps that can also jumpstart coding through gaming. Making games, art or coding to fly drones (drones!) is a click away.

You also try creating the Turkey Table Timer! Check out the video below. The tutorial can be found on the littleBits site.

Thanksgiving is about sharing time with family and friends. So is making and coding. Sit down with an uncle or grandparent and code a game. Encourage your students to sit with a parent AND their mobile device to code and make a paper circuit online. They’ll learn something new together.

The #MakerMindset is an opportunity to learn and share together. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a great Hour of Code!

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