Simplify IT management and earn over all your organization’s IT assets. ​

Accelerate time-to-value by enabling a structured process for asset support and management.

Tech person working on IT management and Support

Unless EndPoint support is your organization’s main source of revenue, your IT resources shouldn’t be focusing their day-to-day efforts on supporting end-users with their devices.

It’s not easy to manage a fleet of assets, and the task becomes incredibly complex in larger organizations. An unstructured approach to asset management will result in ineffective refresh and support capabilities, creating a negative impact on productivity and user satisfaction. 

UDT’s Managed Lifecycle™ is purpose-built for this task. We enable a structured process for asset management and support throughout the entire lifecycle of each asset, delivered as a single service. By removing complexity and relieving the burden from your IT department, you can focus critical resources on organizational core objectives while ensuring optimal EndPoint performance and end-user satisfaction.

IT management and support

Configure, Secure, and Deploy

From procurement to support, UDT takes on the entire lifecycle of your IT assets with a structured process designed to improve your operational capabilities. Every single device is configured, secured, and deployed by our team, on-time, ready-to-go.

Align Critical IT Resources

By taking on the complex task of asset lifecycle management for you, UDT helps your organization allocate IT resources towards core objectives rather than day-to-day support. We simplify the process you need to run your IT assets, letting your engineers focus on more critical tasks

Refresh and Support

Keep your devices updated and running at optimal performance by augmenting your refresh and support capabilities through our structured, simplified approach. Control your fleet with a gameplan, lower time-to-support, and improve user-experience for your employees, partners, and clients.

Our Managed Lifecycle Services

Endpoint solutions

Enhanced Catalog

Secure Configuration

Patch Management

Help Desk

AV/EP Protection

Tech on Demand

Advanced Analytics /BI

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Experiencing a security breach?

Get immediate assistance from our security operations center! Take the following recommended actions NOW while we get on the case:


  1. Determine which systems were impacted and immediately isolate them. Take the network offline at the switch level or physically unplug the systems from the wired or wireless network.
  2. Immediately take backups offline to preserve them. Scan backups with anti-virus and malware tools to ensure they’re not infected
  3. Initiate an immediate password reset on affected user accounts with new passwords that are no less than 14 characters in length. Do this for Senior Management accounts as well.

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