Manny Castro

Account Manager Miami, FL

What’s your work-life philosophy?

Keeping God first allows me to keep things in perspective.

To be productive and effective when I’m working. To be kind, patient and engaged when I’m with family; to be present and a good listener when I’m socializing with my friends and family. Ultimately, it’s a constant reminder that there will be many great times but there will also be various curve balls thrown our way. I’ve learned to trust, to let go and to stay cool, calm and collected throughout the process. 2020 was a tough year but there’s “No Rainbows without a Storm”.


What do you like best about working at UDT?

Henry and Gerard are legends in the industry. I’m proud to be a part of their team. I truly love the entire UDT staff. It’s like seeing my extended family every time I go in the office. I truly miss seeing everyone and crackin’ jokes with my people over the past 12 years.


How is technology transforming schools?

Technology has allowed for schools to teach beyond the physical walls. It’s a paradigm shift as to how students will learn in the future.  We recently saw the introduction of virtual learning on a mass scale. I believe that this is one of the many tools that will help address budgetary strains in the classroom over the next few years.


How is UDT creating greater digital access and equity in the classroom?

UDT works very closely with our school districts to truly understand the needs of all the constituents, from Superintendent to student. By understanding these specific needs, we are able to provide a solution that is cost effective and manageable and grants students digital access on a mass scale. Ultimately, UDT’s solutions help improve student retention and grades, giving students the ability to compete on a global scale.


Where will the classroom be in five years? 

Remote learning will become more prevalent as it allows for fewer teachers to reach more students. I also believe that in the next 10 years, AI will be making its way into the classroom, replacing and enhancing the classroom of tomorrow.


People would be surprised if they knew you…

… achieved the highest award in Toastmasters; the Distinguished Toastmaster award (DTM)   

… are passionate about teaching kids financial literacy

… currently serve as a Youth Group leader, finance leader and men’s leader at my church


What do you enjoy doing in your time off? 

I enjoy Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends and family

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