Mike Lytos

Senior Account Manager Miami, FL
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What do you like best about working at UDT?

The experience with working with such talented people and the open-door policy of the executive team. This offers the ability to contribute our ideas to the executive team that can lead to real change that is necessary in the dynamic business / technology landscape we find ourselves in.

What motivates you as a sales professional?

Working hard to help my customers achieve real positive business outcomes that enhance their professional and personal lives. I feel successful when my customers appreciate what I do.

How can companies in South Florida better leverage technology to advance their mission?

Organizations that invest in technologies through automation will have an advantage over their competition as they can focus more on their core business.

What do you think is the ‘next big thing’ in technology?  

The “big thing” that is already here is Digital Transformation. Integrating digital technology into all areas of business which fundamentally changes how organizations deliver value to its customers.

What is the best professional advice you would give?  

Seek a mentor, put the needs of the customer before your own needs, understand that you can’t be successful on your own, and always having the burning desire to win.

People would be surprised if they knew you… I am a 1st generation Greek American and I was a partner in a mobile DJ company while I was in college.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?   

Spending quality time and traveling with my family.  

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