New UDT website recognized with two W3 Awards

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Earlier in 2017, UDT unveiled a brand-new look for itself, updating the brand for the first time in many years. The branding shift featured a new logo, a new color scheme, as well as a refined mission statement. Along with these changes to the branding, a new website was unveiled in May of this year, and the site was recently awards with two prestigious W3 Awards.

UDT’s website received a Gold Award in General Website Categories – Branding for Websites, and a Silver Award in General Website Categories – Professional Services for Websites. The W3 award was presented by Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, which has created this award to honor websites, online advertising & marketing, and mobile sites/apps, video, and social media.

The updated site was submitted for consideration alongside many other companies and from several different agencies. It was judged by the panel on creativity, usability, navigation, functionality, visual design, and ease of use. was designed by ROAR Media, a Coral Gables based agency, that built the site with their in-house team of designers, developers, and writers.

The new site featured a complete redesign of the original UDT website, and showcased the tremendous growth that UDT has seen in the last few years. New services were highlighted by the site, alongside fresh content, the latest case studies, and more interactive design. Apart from the new content, the site was also optimized to be completely responsive, allowing for a mobile-friendly experience.

UDT is very honored that these rebranding efforts were recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. The rebranding process culminates many new initiatives ushered forward by UDT, and showcases the direction that UDT is headed towards.

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