Palo Alto Introduces Cortex and Launches Traps 6.0

Cortex is the industry's only open and integrated, AI-based continuous security platform.
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UDT’ partner, Palo Alto, has unveiled three new products that harness the power of advanced AI and machine learning to transform managed security today and in the future. Their latest products include Cortex ™, Cortex XDR ™, and Traps 6.0.™.

Cortex is the industry’s only open and integrated, AI-based continuous security platform. Cortex is a significant evolution of the Application Framework designed to simplify security operations and considerably improve outcomes. Deployed on a global, scalable public cloud platform, Cortex allows security operations teams to speed the analysis of massive data sets.

Cortex XDR™ marks the first detection, investigation and response product that breaks silos across multiple data sources. It is the first-of-its-kind detection, investigation and response product that natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data. Cortex XDR uncovers threats using behavioral analytics, accelerates investigations with automation, and stops attacks before damage is done through tight integration with existing enforcement points.

Traps™ 6.0, Palo Alto’s endpoint security solution, preemptively blocks attacks that leverage both known and unknown malware and exploits before they can compromise your systems. The endpoint is one of the most common targets of advanced cyberattacks. Traditional endpoint protections, such as AV, cannot effectively stop the initial breach and subsequent spread of infection rendering your organization at serious risk to advanced threats.

Palo Alto Networks and UDT are staying on the forefront of cybersecurity products to ensure that customers are protected. As cyberthreats evolve, older technology allows for data to be vulnerable. Each of the products mentioned here are available now. If you would like more information on Palo Alto and how UDT can these new products into your existing network, fill out the form below!

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