Cyber Security Consultant

    Miramar, FL

What’s your work-life philosophy?

I believe in staying organized, so you can maximize your productivity during the workday, leave work on time, and keep your weekends to yourself so you can travel, hang out with friends, and relax if you’re in need of a recharge! This was my philosophy with schoolwork in college as well!

Recently joining the UDT team, what do you like best about working here?

The five times daily “Cafecito” bell in the Miramar, FL office is the quirkiest thing I’ve ever seen at an office, but it is so indicative of the culture of South Florida. Everybody goes running to the break room for their caffeine fix when the bell is rung. It’s been very easy integrating into the UDT culture because working here feels homey and everyone is extremely welcoming and helpful.

How does your role tie into the security team?

My role in the security team involves report writing, penetration testing, conducting social engineering exercises, collecting data and running vulnerability scans. All these aspects of cybersecurity come together to determine an organization’s level of risk.

How does utilizing UDT’s cybersecurity solution make client’s lives easier?

Implementing your own cybersecurity department and solutions internally as a company can be extremely costly. By utilizing UDT’s cybersecurity solution, organizations can bring in experienced experts to implement cyber security solutions across the company, maintain security, and even respond in the case of a breach. UDT takes into consideration everything from initial protection, to employee training, and to business continuity.

What is your favorite technology solution?

My favorite technology assessment from UDT is the social engineering evaluations. You can have all the best technology solutions and technical strategies in place, but the weakest point of any network is the PEOPLE. We get to assess our clients’ employees’ security awareness by sending fake phishing emails and evaluating the response. Making fake pages and emails that people will fall for and seeing the results, and the results get better over time, is one of the highlights of working at UDT.

How is UDT’s cybersecurity solution unique?

UDT’s cybersecurity solutions are a “one stop shop” for clients. From security monitoring to penetration testing, and even virtual CISO services, UDT offers every stage of security service needed to fully protect an organization from threats.

People would be surprised if they knew you…

I am the oldest of five sisters and we are all carbon copies of each other!

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

On my free time, I am an avid outdoorswoman and you can usually find me in a tent, on a boat, kayak, paddleboard, or mountain bike. I enjoy managing and writing for my own blog, attending car shows, and off-roading my Jeep Wrangler all over the country.

Ali Stays organized to maximize productivity during the workday Believes in maintaining a work/life balance Loves being outdoors, camping, kayaking and biking