Software, Contracts & IT Innovation Consultant

    Nashville, TN

How would you describe your work ethic?

I try and be available whenever I am needed and to whoever needs my assistance.  I don’t think in traditional work hours and will never say “that’s not my job”

Being new to UDT, what do you like best about working here?

The company culture,  when I started I quickly realized that more than joining a company I became part of the UDT family.

How does your role work with the sales organization?

I support and translate the Microsoft vision through engaging with the Sales Team and their customers directly.  I use my 16 years of experience with helping customers understand the complex world of software licensing and contracts to help facilitate a business conversation around technology.   I like to drive the strategic conversations around technology goals, initiatives and standards – I want to understand their end users and how technology can make them better, faster and  more secure.

Having the foundation I do,  I don’t get lost in the details of how something is licensed. I want to focus on the customer’s business, understanding their users and aligning the right technology to their needs.

How is UDT’s cloud offering unique? 

It starts with our very smart and talented team – we take a more wholistic approach aligning with customers on business challenges and strategic goals.

How do you support the cloud team?

I support the overall strategic vision of the UDT Cloud Team helping to build and drive our strategic go to market strategy.  Additionally,  I provide support with any licensing / contact conversations and use the business conversation to uncover opportunities for innovation and business transformation.

What is the best professional advice you would give?

Understand what makes you happy, look to find passion in what you are doing – Am I passionate about software licensing? Yes, but only as it relates back to my ability to use this knowledge and expertise to help my customers. Helping my customers is my true passion, embracing the piece of IT that everyone dislikes is how I can help!

Additionally, be honest with yourself understand your strengths and weaknesses and always be looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

Be careful with how you use (!) Even though I mean them because I am so excited!!! They can also be read the wrong way.

And lastly, my very first piece of advice I learned in sales…Under promise and over deliver.

People would be surprised if they knew you…

used to work in Radio –  I was a part time producer at a sports radio station in Chicago. My first job in Sales was at a startup radio station.  I also worked as a promotions event manager for 6 stations in Sarasota, FL where I got to meet and hang out with “rock stars”.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

Supporting my kids and their sports,  between Football / Cheer season (Fall) and Baseball / Softball season we stay pretty busy.  I am also in my 4th year as cheer coach, I love working with the girls and even wrote my own cheer!

Kristee Focuses on the customer’s business, understands their needs and aligns the right technology Feels UDT’s cloud offering starts with a smart and talented team Believes in under promising and over delivering