Director of Business Transformation, Sales

    Nashville, TN

What’s your work-life philosophy?
I will borrow a phrase from a former boss and mentor who would frequently say, “there are 24 hours in a day, how you choose to use them is up to you.” I do my best to do something of value with (most) every hour and by doing so, life tends to balance itself out. I am usually able to be with family and friends at important times, meet work deadlines and obligations, and still have time to relax a little. But I am fortunate to have a very flexible and understanding family at home as well as a great company that respects the need to balance work and life.

What do you like best about working at UDT?
Throughout the organization there is a common sense that as the technology industry changes, we need to change and adapt with it. A lot of organizations talk about “adapting” or “transforming” but I see a real desire to work as a team to make that happen inside UDT. And also high up on the list is the Cuban Coffee!

What is your favorite technology solution?
My favorite technology changes from day to day. More than the technology itself, I really love to see how organizations use technology to improve our lives and the world we live in. More than anything else I am continually amazed at the amount of information we have at our fingertips.

How do the solutions you work on help to make clients’ lives easier?
My main goal is to help our clients get IT out of the way of doing business. By helping them with managed solutions, automating tasks and processes, or just developing a good technology roadmap, our clients are able to spend more time focusing on how to better support or improve their own businesses and better support their customers too.

What do you think is the next big idea in technology?
I have my fingers crossed for the Star Trek Transporter Beam! I do see transportation as a growing problem in most metropolitan areas and I think driverless cars and drones may help alleviate it. We are already seeing some amazing things being done with drones and I am just waiting for my next Uber or Lyft request to be a drone that picks me up.

What is the best professional advice you would give?
Learn to communicate in a professional manner to the intended audience. George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” With the different communication mediums, platforms, colloquialisms, abbreviations, and generational differences, it can be difficult to communicate effectively. More than ever we need to understand our audience and communicate in a manner that is professional and effective for that audience.

People would be surprised if they knew you…
I was a country music DJ at a couple different radio stations during college. Now that I sit behind a keyboard instead of a microphone, everyone is much better off.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
Usually something outdoors with my wife and three boys. We love canoeing and kayaking, going on Scout campouts, and time at the beach. (When you live in Tennessee, the beach is a big deal.)

Mat was a country music DJ in college enjoys canoeing with his wife and three boys helps companies to alleviate IT as a business hurdle