Sr. Account Manager, Commercial/Enterprise, South Florida

    Miami, FL

What’s your work-life philosophy?
Consistency and being intentional about practicing great habits. I make it a point to regularly exercise, eat and sleep well, spend time with the wonderful people in my life and make time for prayer. Creating great habits and practicing them daily helps me to be a better performer in all areas of my life.

What do you like best about working at UDT?
I love the culture at UDT and the “small” and yet “big” feel that we have. I love that our executive team practices an open-door policy and is involved in our work and with our customers. Our rapid growth and evolvement is so exciting and I am very proud to have the opportunity to be an integral part of our growth and expansion.

In South Florida, how are companies investing in technology?
The landscape is shifting, technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving which makes our careers both very exciting and also challenging. Regardless of the industry or vertical we see more companies focusing on cloud strategy and security in general. With some of the larger or enterprise companies we also see a focus around understanding how external factors are changing our world and seeing opportunities around AI, robotics and data and analytics.

What motivates you as a sales professional?
Achieving for the sake of achieving, providing for my beautiful family, serving my customers and knowing they’re better off because of the work I (we) did, feeling passionate about my work and knowing that my work has meaning, feeling that I am seen as a high performer within my organization, contributing to an organization and doing work that is fulfilling and that I believe in.

How can companies in South Florida better leverage technology to advance their mission?
Partner with UDT, what else?! Find a strategic partner and organization that genuinely cares about their mission and vision and has the capabilities to align to their macro strategy (or help create one) and assist in achieving the goals and initiatives at hand.

What is the best professional advice you would give?
Believe in yourself! Know that you’re intelligent and be intentional about what you want to achieve. Be obsessed with the goals you set and be passionate about what you choose to do in this life. Listen more than you speak. 😊

People would be surprised if they knew you…
I grew up in Minnesota and speak fluent Spanish and a little Farsi and Italian.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
Spending time with my family – especially with my son, who was born in June last year 😊

Melissa enjoys spending time with her family grew up in Minnesota feels you should be intentional in setting goals