Senior Director of Cloud Architecture

    Coral Gables, FL

What’s your work-life philosophy?
Conscious choices and solid commitment are key to my philosophy. I look at both my personal life and this industry I chose for my career as two pillars that evolve and mature at a pretty fast pace. I like to think that keeping up with both is a responsibility rather than a requirement and this helps me keep a more natural approach to everything I face. I am sure we all have our own ways to measure balance, and I am confident I understand mine mostly because no form of success has ever come my way without a good deal of effort and heart.

What do you like best about working at Conquest, a UDT company?
The people and the challenge, equally. Both are the most important ingredients that built the company for whom I’ve worked with for so many years. I am part of a team that has grown personally and professionally and being able to call myself their peer and friend are part of what drives me forward in life.

How are Conquest’s cloud offering unique and different?
Conquest leadership brought the right framework at the right time, which allowed us to grow a cloud practice from the ground up very early in its lifecycle. I have always been proud to say that we have a high balance of knowledge and experience, it is the result of the effort to stay current and having the opportunity to constantly face large challenges. We look at every client’s need as a unique opportunity to deliver the right solution.

How does Conquest’s cloud offering support clients throughout the entire technology life-cycle?
Delivering Cloud Productivity workloads became the primary focus for us quite a few years ago. We did it early enough to start looking more in detail at the core components that allow a client to really “integrate” with cloud services such as Identity, Security and Mobility. Infrastructure came later and Operations being the most recent one. We realized we had several cloud technology areas in the toolbox, and with the addition of Governance and Compliance we saw a clear representation of the modern Hybrid Cloud management. We are not delivering products, services or features to our clients, we are bringing full solutions that represent the Digital Transformation to the entire lifecycle which comprehends a competitive edge.

What is the best professional advice you would give?
Be open to learn something new, solidify your knowledge with hands on experience, and every so often assess yourself. I always try to be aware of what I don’t know as it keeps me honest and helps with planning what’s next. Make good friends with your responsibilities, the more you like them the better you’ll deliver them and that can only bring success.

People would be surprised if they knew you…
I really enjoy putting some serious work in the house, and since my wife enjoys it as much as I do we have taken the habit of doing one or two major renovation jobs per year on our own. If we had video we could create a TV show!

What do you enjoy doing on your time off?
It takes me some time to unwind so I normally start by spending time home, I like traveling (who doesn’t?) and street photography. Since my travel choice is the “big city”, my trips are to fast-paced places where I can sit back and enjoy a local version of a mojito and a burger while I watch the masses move.

Pablo enjoys traveling to big cities likes to renovate his home is always open to learning something new