A Day in the Life at a Financial Services Firm

With so many technology options, it can be difficult to know which one of these technologies is right for you. It’s also difficult to see how these new features can be incorporated to make your day flow with ease and unburden the team from extra steps.

With Microsoft Azure, it’s a seamless transition to incorporate new apps that can handles all your daily routines. Plus, with an open or hybrid cloud solution, it’s possible to scale up or down in line with all business needs. If your team is growing, Azure can grow with you.

Benefits of switching to Azure:

  1. Fuel business growth – Deliver fast and immersive experiences and increase conversions, plus increase revenue through improved scalability and higher availability
  2. Increase customer satisfaction – Engage customers through personalized recommendations, push notifications and speedy customer service
  3. Improve return on investment – Maximize the investments in cross platform development by reducing duplication
  4. Security – Customer data is kept secure across all applications
  5. Mobility – Employees can stay on the go and keep all their pertinent data with them

UDT (UDT) is aware that each industry has specific needs that need to be addressed. Our team has extensive experience with the Financial Services industry, and can tailor technology needs to support these clients.

UDT has experience migrating clients to the cloud, and is a trusted partner by Microsoft. Our experts are on hand to answer all your questions, plus provide a detailed breakdown on how the transition process works.

Our latest infographic showcasing a Day in the Life at a Financial Services Firm using cloud email! This infographic showcases how each of these Microsoft products is woven and improves the agility of a team member throughout the day.

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