Keeping track of your equipment/software warranties, service contracts and maintenance schedules can be time-consuming and tedious, but they are a necessary part of keeping your IT environment in a “Steady-State”. Neglect them, and not only could you be putting your business at risk, you could also be drastically overpaying for services.

Looking for ways to stay organized? Get started by asking yourself the following questions:

Is Your Contract Up to Date?

The first thing you want to do is make sure all of your hardware and software is covered. Do you even know what you paid for? Did you know that if your warranty or service contract expires and you start having issues, you won’t be able to get help from your vendor without paying an expensive reinstatement fee.

Are You Overpaying?

Did you know that when the initial term on your service contract is up, the manufacturer could raise your rates again and again? However, you always have the power to negotiate. “When it comes to hardware, we try to negotiate for longer terms, so we can lock in a lower rate,” said UDT Virtual Client Advisor Bryan Levy. “But for telecom services, we keep the term as short as possible — the same technology costs you $1,000 today, could cost you $500 tomorrow.”

Are You Protected?

Keeping up with preventative maintenance isn’t just a necessity; it could actually save your business somewhere down the line. Windows patches, anti-virus updates, security updates — all of these things need to be installed on your desktops and servers to ensure that your IT environment remains compliant, safe, and secure.

Can You Afford to Be Down?

If you aren’t keeping up with your contracts or maintenance schedules, you could be setting your business up for a costly event. So while the process may take you a few hours each week, you are probably not a subject-matter expert.

Looking for More Small Business IT Solutions?

Is keeping up with your maintenance schedules and contracts keeping you away from your core business?

Talk to UDT. We can help you keep all of your service contracts, warranties and maintenance schedules in order while providing cost-effective options on renewals.

We look forward to becoming your I.T. Trusted Advisor as we are only an email or call away.