Preparing the Class of 2030

Powered by the cloud, learning environments are now profoundly social in their orientation and as a result bring a demand for technical skills, cognitive skills and social and emotional skills to navigate the environment, the people and the purpose.

Some of the ways UDT (UDT) is helping preparing classrooms for the future include providing access to the latest in STEM. UDT partners with many different organizations to showcase STEM tools such as 3D printers and robotics kits, and helps with lesson plans for teachers.

To ensure that teachers and other administrators feel empowered to incorporate this into the classroom, UDT also offers Professional Development Training. With two Microsoft CIE certified team members, UDT can train teachers on how build lesson plans around new technology such as Minecraft. This training also extends to teaching education professionals on how to use Microsoft products such as Office 365 to collaborate!

Whether in O365 or Minecraft: Education Edition, any platform which brings young people together in real time brings with it opportunities to develop and apply cognitive skills like collaboration, skilled communication, problem solving and innovation and knowledge construction with social and emotional skills including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship skills to make responsible shared decisions.

Microsoft is committed to using technology to prepare today’s kindergartners for the work and life of the future. UDT is an education enabler and Microsoft partner that understands how to implement technology in the classroom. Together, educators can leave the technological heavy lifting to UDT and focus on what’s most important: the students.

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