Protect Your District From Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are not isolated to your personal devices. An emerging threat for school districts are cyber security attacks that can expose sensitive information or install malware onto their devices. These attacks can come in the form of an email or phone, known as phishing.

What are some of the attack methods these hackers use? Mostly phishing scams, that trick users to provide sensitive information. From these scams, these are the top three most used attack methods:

  1. Mass Scale Phishing – a type of attack that isn’t highly targeted, and casts a wide net to get as much information as possible.
  2. Spear Phishing – a targeted attack that is tailored to a specific victim, or group of victims.
  3. Whaling – A type of spear phishing attack that attacks a high-profile victim within an organization, such as a CEO or CTO.

These attacks trick people to reveal information such as social security numbers, login credentials, or financial information. To keep your data safe, be vigilant about emails that seem impersonal, use scare tactics, or prompt you to download files you’re not familiar with.

View our infographic below for more information on these types of attacks. If you have questions, contact us.