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UDT is a technology enabler that provides government agencies with a single-source solution for all their technology needs across the IT asset management lifecycle.

Government Sector: Empowerment for All

Increasingly, the public and different entities expect to interact with Government agencies via mobile and the web. To provide instant “self-serve” information and resources, government agencies must modernize their legacy infrastructure.

Complete IT Solutions Provider for the Government Sector:

 Government Agencies | Defense | Innovation Centers | Industrial Base

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UDT fully deploys agile and frictionless solutions for optimal connectivity and ease of use, empowering government users and its partners to readily access information and resources. UDT:

  • Understands the government sector and regulatory compliance
  • Maintains HIPAA compliant and PCMI compliant protocols
  • Ability to ramp up and ramp down capacity
  • Partners with socially and economically disadvantaged businesses and veteran-owned government contractors
  • Stays abreast of public sector developments and trends
  • Partners with more than 70 future-state technology providers

Why UDT? Forward, further, faster.

We are an always-on team of technology enablers, committed to delivering an elevated approach and superior solutions for our government clients. In the now and in the next, we help you reach new levels. Our four-pronged approach to providing the best possible service builds on:

Start Your Journey

The Right Team

Expert, passionate and a good fit with UDT’s STRIVE culture. Our people move you forward.

Advanced Technologies

Best-in-class, next-generation, value-driven. Our tools take you further.

Smart Protocols

Streamlined, time-tested, proven. Our procedures are faster.

Performative Solutions

Scalable, secure, frictionless. Our solutions help you accomplish more.


A Robust Platform for Government

We evaluate, architect, provide, secure, and manage technology in the rack, in the cloud, and on the go, with customized technical, professional and managed services.

Our Advantage

Serve your Constituents Better with our Proven Solutions

By prioritizing service and professional excellence, we never, ever, settle for “good enough”. We reduce the risks, costs, and complexity of deploying advanced tech, doing our best to provide you with a truly superior experience and a long-lasting partnership.

20+ years of experience

14 offices across the U.S.

5,000+ satisfied clients

A large capacity configuration facility in Orlando, FL

Partners with Cisco, Microsoft, HPE, HP Inc., Intel and others

Ranking as one of 50 fastest growing IT firms in U.S. (Everything Channel)

Award winning (Microsoft’s 2016 Azure Acceleration, 2015 Triple Crown Winner, 2015 CRN Awards, more)

Leading Advisory Council participation (Intel Solution Provider, HP Public Sector, HP CEO Roundtable, Cisco Advisory, Microsoft Cloud Solution)

100% certified (NMSDC) minority (Hispanic) owned and operated firm

A team of hand-picked experts that are carefully screened and evaluated engineers, strategists and specialists

A STRIVE culture which prioritizes integrity, excellence and teamwork

Community outreach programs which focus on giving back with a smile