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UDT’s customized STEM and Maker solutions help schools harness the power of technology and a collaborative environment, for increased student engagement, achievement and creative development. Whatever the scope of your school’s needs, UDT is the experienced partner that can help you and your students accomplish more in the now and next.

STEM and the Makerspace

In today’s schools, students are often apathetic and unfulfilled, and lack the skills needed to succeed in the future. Additionally, teachers may lack the professional development, curriculums and tools necessary to inspire students and hone their talents. There is a great need for smart, cost-effective solutions that will make both schools and students future-ready.

UDT understands that an authentic STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum in your classroom and makerspace is key to student learning and future success. We create unique, customized makerspaces and offer a broad spectrum of high-quality STEM solutions for hands-on exploration and discovery.

UDT, an Intel Education Partner of the Year, has extensive experience working with public, private, charter and magnet schools of all sizes.

Our STEM/Maker Offering:

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  • Product procurement
  • Curriculum integration support
  • Digital learning convergence – design and implementation
  • Professional development
  • Makerspace design and consultation
  • Advanced technologies: security, wireless, data center, infrastructure, cloud, connected transportation and managed services
  • Lifecycle management services (i.e. large deployments, imaging, etching, asset management)
  • Managed field services

With UDT you have a partner who can help you improve learning outcomes and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.


Championing the maker movement, UDT’s intuitive, interactive, award-winning products brings STEM and the maker movement to life.

UDT’s educational product offering provides irresistible, interactive, intuitive solutions which make learning fun for students, and teaching effective for educators.

Students can create, solve, graph and animate math and physics problems by handwriting on a tablet or interactive whiteboard.

A portable STEM lab which allows students to take the science classroom anywhere, opening a world of inquiry-based learning.

Bursting wireless electrical blocks from lights to motors, students are equipped with the tools to build and program their own inventions, discovering the wonders of STEAM through hands-on learning.

Instructors receive everything they need to teach up to a year-long class, with best-in-class teaching methodologies, curriculums and professional development.

Series of Cleverbots and easy-to-use apps that encourage hands-on play while learning the coding language responsible for transforming robots and characters.

An invention kit for beginners or experts working on everything from art to engineering, this software unleashes students’ curiosity and imaginations.

Electronic, magnetized building blocks enable students to learn how to use invention to engineer real-world solutions.

Arduino-based hardware, robotics hardware, and scratch-based software, providing educational tools for learning programming, engineering, and mathematics through the use of robotics.

Students learn about robotics and programming with a miniature, smart robot.

Pre-programmed robotic blocks that easily connect, transforming these blocks into brilliant bundles of robotic curiosity.

An immersive creative space where multitouch technology enables students to capture, manipulate and share their inspiration.

Provides a spectrum of 3D printing solutions with easy setup and use, enabling students to tackle real-world problems.

Pi-top is a build-it-yourself laptop powered by the Raspberry Pi, enabling students to become makers and inventors.

CEF offers innovative product lines including charging carts, classroom furniture, makerspace & STEM related furniture, tables, and lecterns.

Creates next generation 3D technologies (3D printers, accessories, materials and kits) to inspire student passion to achieve educational goals.

A designer, developer, manufacturer and seller of electronic building blocks, related components and STEM learning systems to encourage inventor creativity.

Brings learning experiences to life by combining AR and VR technology to increase student engagement.