Preferred HP Vendor UDT Unites with OSD Members to Offer Superior Service to Hillsborough School District

For the second time since 2001, HP, the largest technology company in the world

DORAL, FL – For the second time since 2001, HP, the largest technology company in the world, has selected UDT (UDT), Florida-based Information Technology specialists, as preferred Value-Added Resellers (VAR) for the Hillsborough County School District. UDT in turn, has offered other Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) members the opportunity to partner with them in order to provide Hillsborough with the most comprehensive, superior technology and services in the marketplace today.

“This is the second time HP has awarded UDT with a 5-year contract to service Hillsborough,”

says Shari Holtmeier, UDT Account Manager.

“That clearly indicates a great degree of trust on the part of HP, and a high level of satisfaction on the part of the school district.” The confidence of both HP and the school district is warranted in large part because UDT so obviously cares about the needs of the individual student, as well as the community at large. Says Henry Fleches, UDT President and CEO, “Addressing the educational needs of the individual student is our primary goal. To that end, we’ve come together with other members of OSD to offer them the opportunity to improve their businesses, and by extension better the community. By mentoring and training OSD business owners, who in some cases are our competitors, we’ve managed to live the spirit of true partnership while pursuing a greater goal—greater value to the customer within the educational realm, within the community and to under-served minorities.”

To that end, UDT and their partners provide Hillsborough students and faculty with everything from PCs, to laptops, scanners, monitors, printers and peripherals. Additionally, UDT has configured the district’s IT data centers, wireless components and services, as well as provided local warranty repair services and installation. What’s more, UDT maintains a diligent schedule of quarterly reviews with the school district.

“This instills a high level of accountability,”

says Gerard Amaro, UDT Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“That’s something we always provide and which the school district greatly appreciates.” In fact, feedback from the school district has been extremely positive, as UDT and their partners have grown and adapted according to the client’s needs. Says Amaro, “We’ve involved district employees and well as community employees in the process.

This fosters confidence through complete familiarity with the projects. And that’s a win/win situation for everyone.” For additional information on UDT, HP or any of UDT’s technology or services, please contact 305-882-0435. Or contact UDT via email at [email protected] . Since 1995, UDT has provided customers with the power of technology by offering innovative systems, superior guidance and education, and effective long-term strategies and ideas. With a history of community involvement, UDT continues to grow and offer their customers the ability to “accomplish more.”

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