Terry McGovern

Sales Northern FL
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What’s your work-life philosophy?

Work is obviously a big part of my life, but making time for my family, friends and myself is very important. We made a big life decision to move to Ponte Vedra, FL about 5 years ago from Southern NJ.

My wife, Nancy and I have 2 daughters and a son: Morgan, Rachel, and Terry, and Leo, our little Morkie. We were extremely fortunate that all three of them made the move to Florida with us. So, this helps maintain a quality life balance as we always make time to be together and enjoy a whole new “warm & sunny” environment together.

The nice thing about my job as a sales person is that it helps me get out there and meet people. Making new friends as I help them solve their business problems is very fulfilling.

I made sure that I chose the best company in UDT to allow me to make these connections, solve multiple challenges within my new customers, and create a long-lasting trust. This allows me to have the best chance for success in my job while also providing me opportunities that interconnect with my personal life.

So yes, having a separation of work and life is important, but finding a way to make your work experience with your customers and your fellow employees part of a great overall life experience, creates the best balance for me.

What do you like best about working at UDT?

I made sure to choose a company that my prospects and future customers would trust to provide them exactly what they want and need.

What do they want? They want a company that really cares about their success. They want a company that has unique solutions for their biggest problems. They want a company that provides flexibility to work with them in their unique environment. They don’t want to hear about technology. They want to hear how I will help them meet and exceed their business goals.

So, what I like most about UDT, is that we actually do all of these things well. We have teams of quality people that I truly enjoy working with to help our customers. Everyone cares, and everyone is extremely motivated and flexible to accommodate the unique needs.

We build our solutions and services around 3 core pillars that are important to every company, so we truly have the ability to work with everyone in some way; Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and EndPoint Solutions.

How is technology transforming commercial businesses?

Technologies are being introduced faster than ever. There are more quality and niche technologies available than ever before. No doubt these technologies are transforming companies. But what I see more and more of, is how the onslaught of options can be extremely challenging for companies.

Companies do not have the time to investigate all of the available technologies that may help them meet their specific need. And more sales people are simply looking to fit their technology by selling features and capabilities instead of truly understanding the clients needs.

For this reason, I believe companies should be investing time to find the best partner that can help them make the best decisions around solving their challenges and let the partner determine the right technologies with them. With the right technology in place, companies can invest more time focusing on their strategic goals and creating a unique competitive advantage.

Where will companies be in five years?

More and more companies are looking to move to the Cloud in some way. There are many benefits to Cloud and each company has different reasons and benefits to take advantage of

I believe Azure and AWS will continue to make it easier to move to the cloud for every company in some way. This will create exponential growth in cloud consumption over the next 5 years.

The nice thing about Cloud is that it offers benefits to companies in strong economic times as well as in poor economic times. The challenge is that these advances require ongoing learning.

What is the best professional advice you would give? 

Always be honest and always follow up as you say you will.

Honesty and quality communication is something that everyone should be able to provide and provide consistently, but unfortunately in my 25+ years, I have seen that more people do not do a good enough job in these 2 areas and many just don’t get it at all. This is just as important within your organization as it is with your clients If you can be committed to this, you will be successful and well respected, and it requires no certifications or training.

People would be surprised if they knew you… 

Ok, lets have some fun with this: They would be surprised If they knew I was a circus clown in my first job, or if they knew I cleaned my town sewers in 7th grade, or perhaps in 10th grade, as a dishwasher for a large private country club, we would have egg fights after work and use the helium machine to blow up trash bags and let them go into the air, and then on the following morning hearing the news report that there were UFO sightings in that same area. 2 of these are true. The only one that is not, is the fact that I was a Circus clown, although some of my closest friends may disagree with that one.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off? 

I love to work out and stay in shape. I started Yoga over a year ago and I am now committed to this at least 2x per week. I enjoy time with the family, simply hanging out and relaxing and enjoying our local restaurants together. I enjoy traveling but need to do much more. My in-laws moved down to Florida near us this year, so we spend time with them as well. I also enjoy some alone time, taking a break from it all and chilling out on the beach. And when I can, I enjoy golfing with new friends and clients.

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