The Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Perhaps more than any other invention of the past decade, cloud computing has proved to be the great equalizer for small and medium businesses looking to compete with their larger rivals. If your growth has plateaued, it may be time to invest in an integrated cloud management system. Here is a look at some of the business specific benefits of cloud computing.


Perhaps the key benefit of cloud computing is that it effectively levels the playing field by removing much of the initial up-front costs of implementing a large-scale data infrastructures. While larger enterprises used to retain their dominance by relying on scale and access to superior technology, cloud computing has eroded these advantages, enabling small and medium businesses to tackle large volumes of data that would have been inaccessible due to financial constraints in the past.


Another key benefit of cloud computing is that applications, spreadsheets, software, and other information hosted “out there” on the cloud are accessible from virtually anywhere. This means management and employees can log on from remote locations like hotels, homes, and client offices. In addition to streamlining productivity, this can also help small and medium businesses reduce operating expenses by eliminating traditional brick-and-mortar offices.


Another reason why cloud computing has become so popular among small and medium businesses is that it allows for unprecedented scalability with little to no added costs. Because all of the data is stored in the cloud, adopting new software or operating systems no longer require businesses to “rip and replace” their underlying infrastructure.

If you want to take advantage of cloud computing, contact UDT. UDT provides a robust array of implementation, migrations, asset management, and protective measures to ensure that your cloud-based business interests are productive, secure, and strong. Visit our website to learn more about our cloud solutions, or call us toll-free at (800) 882-9919 to speak with one of our cloud management specialists.

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