The Cost of Doing Nothing about Windows 7

Failing to upgrade leaves you vulnerable in multiple areas, especially when it comes to security.

It was recently announced that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7 after January 14, 2020. To ensure that your devices are still secure after this January 2020 deadline, it is recommended you upgrade to Windows 10 immediately. Failing to upgrade leaves you vulnerable in multiple areas, especially when it comes to security.

What are the benefits of Windows 10?

With Windows 10, users always have the latest technology, and the latest intelligence.  Windows 10 is an intuitive, easy-to-use operating system, with the built-in tools and features that individuals and teams need to collaborate and produce their best work.  Core capabilities give users options for how they interact with their devices, stay in sync, and find what they need faster.  Built-in apps, designed to work across PCs, tablets, or mobile phones, help users pick up where they left off and stay in the flow.

Windows 10 productivity features show up in 3 key areas:

Work smarter – features to help people stay in the flow, work faster, and find what they need.  This includes features and apps such as Microsoft Edge, enterprise search in Windows, Cortana, or the new Windows Timeline, which offers a chronological view of activities and documents, so users can go back in time and jump right back in where they were on documents and activities.

Cultivate collaboration – seamless integration with tools for working with others.  This includes the great things you can do with Office 365 on Windows, apps like Whiteboard and OneNote, and brand-new features like Nearby Sharing that allow users to quickly transmit documents, files, and web pages to nearby PCs via Bluetooth.

Empower workstyles – broad range of options for different user needs and preferences.  This includes things like Accessibility, Ink, 3D, or investment areas that support a seamless user experience between mobile phones and PC.

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Experiencing a security breach?

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  1. Determine which systems were impacted and immediately isolate them. Take the network offline at the switch level or physically unplug the systems from the wired or wireless network.
  2. Immediately take backups offline to preserve them. Scan backups with anti-virus and malware tools to ensure they’re not infected
  3. Initiate an immediate password reset on affected user accounts with new passwords that are no less than 14 characters in length. Do this for Senior Management accounts as well.

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