Tips for Ensuring That Your Web-Based Collaboration is a Success


According to some reports, 87% of companies worldwide use some form of web conferencing. Virtual collaboration tools are especially helpful for companies who employee remote contractors, as they allow for near face-to-face interactions on a regular basis without incurring any expensive travel costs. If you are new to web-based collaboration, follow these tips ensure that your virtual meetings are successful.


First and foremost, make sure you know how to use the web-based collaboration application or platform you will be using to meet with clients and team members. Once you are familiar with the workings of the application or platform, send out instructions by email a day or two ahead of the meeting and provide contact information for IT support if any of the meeting participants have questions on how to use the technology.


The moderator sets the tone for collaboration and keeps the agenda on track during the meeting. If you will not be moderating the virtual meeting yourself, choose someone who can keep the conversation going, make sure everyone is involved, and who knows how to utilize the features of the web conferencing system.


Before the meeting starts, set ground rules for passing control and speaking. Make sure participants know how and when they are able to chime in, as this will prevent everyone from talking over each other. To help your meetings go smoothly from start to finish, use a web-based collaboration platform that allows participants to virtually raise their hands or click on a flag to chime in.

If you want to impress your audience and take full advantage of web-based collaboration, contact UDT. Our IT department ensures security and safe access for all participants, and we can help you manage and collaborate different types of data across different types of platforms and applications. To learn more about our web-based collaboration solutions, call us toll-free today at (800) 882-9919.

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