Top Benefits of Endpoint Lifecycle Management

With the concurrent rise in cyber attacks, an essential aspect of enterprise-level cybersecurity is endpoint lifecycle management.

The mass migration to digitization and cloud computing to enable remote work in the past year has also increased the need for data security more than ever. With the concurrent rise in cyber attacks, businesses of every scale must take cybersecurity seriously. Protecting the data privacy and security of your organization also means protecting your clients and other stakeholders data. Ultimately, this will affect your company’s reputation overall. An essential aspect of enterprise-level cybersecurity is endpoint lifecycle management. Endpoint management is how an organization manages, protects, updates, and deploys various endpoint devices. Examples of such devices are computers, servers, phones, tablets, etc. Protecting endpoints offers key advantages and here are examples of how you stand to benefit from them.


1. Improves productivity and sustainability

Endpoint lifecycle management allows you to gain visibility and take control of your assets, wherever they may be. Apart from simplifying compliance maintenance, you can improve performance and security for all the hardware and software of your organization. Ownership, maintenance, and continued support of IT assets is a time-consuming exercise that also entails capital expenditure. Lifecycle management of assets brings advanced analytics into the mix that enable you to take advantage of unrefined data and make informed IT and budgetary decisions to understand ways to improve productivity and user-satisfaction across all stakeholders.

UDT Endpoint Solutions enables you to make informed IT decisions with better data, a predictable budget, and an optimized end-user experience.


2. Increases operational efficiency

A great benefit of enabling a structured process for asset support and management is accelerating time-to-value. In the absence of a structured approach, haphazard asset management gives way to ineffective asset refresh and support capabilities. This is then detrimental to productivity and general user satisfaction.

Your organization gets to focus on critical resources and organizational core objectives by removing complexity and relieving the burden from your IT department while ensuring optimal performance and end-user satisfaction.


3. Strengthens security

Not a single day passes without millions of cyber-attacks occurring globally of various kinds. They can vary in nature, techniques employed, and severity – with some being far more critical and damaging in nature than others. But although reports and studies show that cyber attacks can vary in nature, what they have in common, more often than not, is that a vast majority of them target endpoints.

The answer to why is simple: endpoints are regarded as the weakest link in the data security chain of any network. This is why hackers and cybercriminals target endpoints, constantly on the hunt for weaknesses to exploit and loopholes in these endpoint devices to give them easy access to vast quantities of data. To protect your endpoints means to strengthen the gateways to your network.

UDT Endpoint Solutions enables you to make informed IT decisions with better data, a predictable budget, and an optimized end-user experience.

4. Facilitates retrieval of data on lost, stolen, or broken devices

Whether through loss, theft, or damage, asset lifecycle security saves organizations the headache of replacing damaged devices or retrieving sensitive data. Endpoint management protects organizations even in instances where, for example, an employee given a company-issued laptop for remote work refuses to return the device upon resignation. Asset Lifecycle Security solutions enable your management system to take control of the device wherever it may be at the moment. Using tools, you can push messages to the device to communicate instructions for returning it, or even wipe the device clean altogether to secure sensitive data that might be maliciously profiteered from by a disgruntled former employee.


5. Facilitates remote work security

One of the less than ideal consequences of the mass migration to the cloud is the level of unpredictability and loss of control over how employees carry out their day to day operations remotely. Although being remote-work-enabled does offer many advantages in terms of increased efficiency, productivity, and convenience for professionals, organizations cannot ultimately monitor if remote workers are following security best practices to protect enterprise data such as using a virtual private network (VPN) for example.

Employees connecting to business accounts and servers from remote locations with non-secure networks in places like cafes, hotels, airports or anywhere public can put sensitive files at risk. The beauty of endpoint asset management is that it ensures that every device is safe, even when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network.


6. Saves money

One of the most significant long term benefits of endpoint security is the potential amount of money it can save your company in the long term. Although the upfront capital expenditure and the recurring costs to cover in setting it up endpoint management and protections are considerable, what you stand to gain and save will be worth it.

For one thing, data breaches can be incredibly expensive. The loss of sensitive data can cost your company millions. Furthermore, the standards and data regulations concerning customer data security are increasingly strict and carry hefty fines and consequent legal action for non-compliance.


7. Creates peace of mind

How much is your enterprise’s peace of mind worth? If your enterprise values your people, your brand, and the data security of your various stakeholders, then your peace of mind cannot be quantified. Having Endpoint Lifecycle Management provides the fundamental security solutions that allow you to protect what is most important, most especially because endpoint devices pose the greatest security vulnerability in any system.

Take control of your digital perimeter and focus on your business objectives through a flexible, scalable, and predictable solution. Contact: [email protected] for more information about our endpoint lifecycle management solutions.

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