Top reasons why your business needs data visibility

Having adequate data visibility brings about many benefits to an organization, the most important of which is that you can make better-informed business decisions.
Data visibility
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The degree of ease through which an organization can monitor, display, and analyze data from disparate sources is known as data visibility. Having adequate data visibility brings about many benefits to an organization, the most important of which is that you can make better-informed business decisions.

1. Facilitates smarter decision-making

The absence of clear and visible data makes it impossible to make educated, informed decisions because of the inability to understand the full range of options available to you. Data visibility puts all the information ready at hand.Having the full picture across all levels as well as having well-manged and constructed data visibility, allows your enterprise to keep track of data from financial obligations, to team performances, to resource allocation.


Also, when it comes to project management, data visibility allows you to make agile decisions with all the necessary information. Potential risk identification necessitates proper access to project data and enables you to adjust project plans accordingly. Finally, data visibility also allows your business to keep its projects on time and on budget. Finally, data visibility also allows you to cut down on the number of poor decisions made, and can, therefore, increase success rates.


2. Improves security

Your security strategy needs data visibility at its core. Data visibility gives your enterprise an understanding of where vulnerabilities might exist, leaving it open to security breaches. Once your enterprise understands visibility, it can reclaim control.


Having full visibility enables you to see your blind spots and weak points and allows you to put tests in place before a hacker has the opportunity to try his luck. Data visibility allows you to see how data is being accessed or changed, thereby mitigating the chances of your enterprise suffering from breaches or data corruption.


3. Builds up team confidence

A lack of transparency and data visibility can cause a great deal of frustration amongst various teams. Understanding the importance of data visibility is crucial for team morale, as well as for understanding where operational bottlenecks are taking place.


Data visibility ensures that team members can work more effectively with data visibility and accessibility, especially when allocating resources across different projects.  


4. Gives a bird’s eye view of your data systems

Data visibility allows your enterprise to understand how your resources are used, and the impact of your projects as they’re being worked on. Having access to the data of ongoing projects gives you a bird’s eye view of project status without having to run on updates from staff.


People at all levels will achieve an unparalleled opportunity to see what is happening. Your business will know whether or not your project will deliver on time and it allows you to measure the effectiveness of project initiatives.



Data visibility is the key to improving efficiency and enhancing security. Having the right data visibility partner enables organizations to efficiently discover, classify and protect sensitive data across repositories like the cloud and big data, regardless of whether the data is structured or unstructured.

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