Tracey Lombardi-Lopes

Renewals Manager Tampa, FL
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What’s your work-life philosophy? 

In everything you do, give 110%. Never wait until tomorrow what can be done today. Lastly, always be kind and treat people with respect.

Being at UDT for 4 ½ years, how would you describe the UDT culture?

UDT is very family oriented and runs as one big family.

What does customer experience mean to you?

It is creating an experience from start to finish by going above and beyond to deliver more than what is expected.

How can companies in Florida better leverage technology to advance their mission?

I would say adding value and creating a great customer experience.

What is the best professional advice you would give? 

Always be willing to learn more to educate yourself and use that knowledge to do a better job.

People would be surprised if they knew you…  

I grew up in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Long Island, New York, and love fashion. My dad always wanted me to try everything from ice skating, horseback riding, snowboarding, and archery.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?  

Spending time with my husband, Ralph, of 12 years and children, Francesca (7) and Santino (4).

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