Transform your workplace: UDT increases productivity and convenience using devices powered by the new 5th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor


Doral, Florida/USA — Month ##, 2015 — Today’s intensely competitive business climate is creating an unprecedented opportunity for companies to transform how they work. A range of new experiences is now possible as the workplace is reinvented for a new era. The transformation starts with people and is enabled by technology, including 5th gen Intel ® Core™ vPro™ and Intel ® Core™ M vPro™ processors, Intel ® Pro Wireless Display , and Intel ® Wireless Docking . Using the right tool for the right job, businesses can now cut the wires and achieve levels of efficiency, productivity, and collaboration never before possible. UDT, a leading technology solutions provider in the southeastern United States, is ready to bring these benefits to never-before-seen PC designs across 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks™, ultrathin clamshells, and mini PCs that offer up to twice the battery life. 1 These devices have more than twice the performance 1 , enabling form factors that are up to three times thinner 2 and 50 percent lighter 2 than laptop PCs from just a few years ago.

Cutting the cord
The hassle of multiple cords stored in your conference room table is soon to be a distant memory. Intel Core vPro processors enable Intel’s wireless innovations, including the Intel® Pro Wireless Display and Intel® Wireless Docking.
With Intel® Pro Wireless Display (Intel® Pro WiDi), every presentation and conference room can turn into a cable-free zone. While delivering enhanced usability with flexible controls and privacy, the display also supports key IT requirements such as wireless channel management to mitigate network congestion risks and security vulnerabilities. 3
Along with cutting the cords in the conference room, the 5th generation Intel Core vPro processor enables Intel® Wireless Docking, allowing users to be connected and ready to work the moment they walk up to their desk. This secure and manageable wire-free technology is based on Intel® Wireless Gigabit technology that enables systems to automatically dock to monitors, keyboards, mice, and USB accessories, eliminating the need for traditional mechanical docks. 4
HP’s 2 in 1s, Ultrabooks, ultrathin clamshells, and mini PCs using the 5th generation Intel Core vPro processor enable workplace transformations that can result in hundreds of billions of dollars of productivity enhancements to
businesses of all sizes.
“With the 5 th generation Intel Core processors, our partners are building the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful tablets and two in one computers we have ever seen.  This allows us to design and implement amazing mobility solutions for our customers.  With the innovation of wireless display and docking, we are creating a whole new world without wires, one that gives us the ability to do things with computers that we previously only dreamed.” said (Daniel Rodriguez, UDT’s Chief Technology Officer).

Enhancing security and manageability
IT departments know the importance of securing their company’s devices and want to manage the latest devices in the most efficient ways possible. This is why the 5th generation Intel Core vPro processor provides hardware-enhanced security and manageability capabilities. 3 Additionally, Intel® Identity Protection Technology helps to simplify authentication and helps ensure the right people have access to the right information at the right time.4 It’s also important for management of the increasingly mobile workplace to be as seamless as possible, keeping devices healthy and protected while not impacting user productivity. Even if devices are powered off, remote management over wired and wireless networks across all device types is made possible with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). 4
By removing the wires, delivering secure, outstanding performance, and choosing the optimized form factor to meet the needs of each employee across …
Source: UDT Old Site Posts

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