UDT Announces Creation of UDTNOW™, a Networking Opportunity for Women

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MIRAMAR, FL – January 13, 2020

UDT, a technology solutions company that evaluates, architects, secures and manages information technology, today announced the creation of UDTNOW™ (UDT Network of Women). UDTNOW is a program within the company designed to foster women’s networking, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.

“I am excited to announce the creation of UDTNOW as a corporate initiative to aid the advancement of women,” said Gerard Amaro, UDT President. “We have many smart, talented and ambitious women as part of our workforce and we want to provide every opportunity possible to help them strive and recognize their success.”

“Women represent nearly half of the workforce at UDT,” said Henry Fleches, UDT CEO. “The purpose of UDTNOW is to continue to empower and encourage the women to further themselves and drive initiatives crucial to their success.”

The mission of UDTNOW is to encourage involvement and provide support and enrich the experience of women through personal and professional growth.

In addition to the UDTNOW program, an Advisory Board will be created with the goal of developing high-profile initiatives that further showcase the firm’s commitment to women with UDTNOW.

About UDT:

UDT is a technology enabler that helps clients in major industries evaluate, architect, secure, and manage technology on the go, in the rack and in the cloud. UDT provides customized services, including mobility, cloud, collaboration, loT, data, security, and ITaaS solutions and technical, professional and managed services. Accomplish more with UDT: www.udtonline.com

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