UDT Announces the Launch of Customer Experience Department

UDT, a technology solutions company that evaluates, architects, secures and manages information technology, today announced Thermal Protect Powered by HAVRION, a solution offering a versatile, in-depth, and non-intrusive way to enhance safety and promote wellness in public spaces.
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UDT, a technology solutions company that evaluates, architects, secures and manages information technology, today announced the launch of their Customer Experience (CX) Department focused on improving customer interactions and satisfaction.

“We created our CX Department with our customers in mind,” said UDT EVP/CXO, Jesus Pena. “While customer service is reactive, CX is proactive. We hope to help our customers accomplish their goals while ensuring they are experiencing quality service throughout our entire interaction.”

UDT’s CX Department is dedicated to understanding the customer and their expected business outcomes, and how a specific solution will help the customer achieve their objective in a timely fashion. By design, CX also understands what the customer goes through when interacting with UDT, from the customer’s point of view. We created an improvement and innovation cycle focusing on customer’s business outcomes and feedback.

“Customer Experience is the outcome of all interactions between UDT and our customers,” said UDT Director of CX, Luis Aguiar. “Our CX department focuses on the entire duration of the relationship, as they are perceived, understood and remembered by the customer. It is a process that begins from Day One and continues with all of our customers.”

UDT was founded by CEO Henry Fleches, and President Gerard Amaro, 25 years ago in South Florida where they continue to expand their business within the areas of managed security and digital transformation services.

About UDT:

UDT is a technology enabler that helps clients in major industries evaluate, architect, secure, and manage technology on the go, in the rack and in the cloud. UDT provides customized services, including mobility, cloud, collaboration, loT, data, security, and ITaaS solutions and technical, professional and managed services.

Accomplish more with UDT: www.udtonline.com

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