UDT Digital Transformation: Optimize and Evolve Your IT

There’s more to it than just improving your IT; digital transformation means setting the path for an organization’s evolution into the future.
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Digital transformation comes as a combined effort of people, processes, and technology. It’s both a transformation of digital infrastructure as it is a transformation of organizational culture. It will change the way you work and change the experience for employees, partners, and clients.

There’s more to it than just improving your IT; digital transformation means setting the path for an organization’s evolution into the future.

Wherever you are in the journey, you need to evolve to improve decision-making, operations, and the experiences of your employees, partners, and customers. UDT can help you at any point in your journey and ensure you maximize your ROI every step of the way.

Strategy and Alignment

In digital transformation, understanding where you currently are, where you want to get, and the best way to get there, is a critical step before making any significant IT investment. Our industry-leading assessment and development models helps us paint a clear picture of your organization’s current IT state design a strategy to align digital transformation with its business goals. We work together with our partners to find a path that is cost-effective, flexible, and scalable to ensure their present and future IT success.

Digital Infrastructure

A robust digital infrastructure is one that supports collaboration and productivity, networking, data management, end-user computing, security, and customer-experience. UDT provides the expertise and talent your organization needs to design, build, and deploy the infrastructure, applications, and services in your IT investment. Following best practices and proven methodologies, we ensure risk-free deployments and create networks to support the applications and software you need.

App Modernization

Legacy applications are often difficult to update and expensive to scale, but modernization can solve both of those challenges. UDT will help you assess your existing apps and organizational goals to build application modernization projects that reap the most benefit from the cloud in terms of ROI and user-experience.

Modern Workplace

Flexible work schedules and locations are prime motivators for modern employees. Mobility, collaboration, communication, and accessibility are all characteristics your workplace dynamic should have if your organization intends to bolster productivity and user-satisfaction. UDT can help your organization provide a dynamic and secure platform for workplace modernization, built with familiar tools and apps, and fully-integrated with your cloud or hybrid environment.

Data Management

Real-time analytics, BI, IoT, and AI unlock your data’s potential to help you identify and solve business challenges. With in-depth analytical information about your infrastructure, your workforce, and your clients, you can optimize profitability, performance, and user-experience for solutions, services, and applications. As data management experts, UDT’s capabilities in behavioral modeling, data flow mapping, automation, compliance management, data storage, and platform management sets us apart in the industry. Our end-to-end approach aligns your overall IT goals and digital infrastructure with a path towards transforming your use of data on cloud, hybrid, or on-premise environments.

“At UDT, we have a focus on the transformation areas that have the highest positive impact on the business of the client,” said Steve Leach, UDT Director of Microsoft Cloud Sales. “This includes bringing to the forefront advancements that optimize investments but at the same time increase market competitiveness and time to market on collaboration and revenue-based applications. We appreciate every partnership and the positive impacts we make with them during the digital transformation journey.”

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