UDT Government Team Hosts Inaugural Government Showcase


The UDT (UDT) government team hosted the inaugural Government Showcase at Florida International University in Washington, DC. The showcase provided an opportunity for the team to highlight opportunities for UDT and Government to work together, and how UDT provides solutions to the challenges faced in the federal sector.

The event began with an informative presentation on the UDT journey by Jeff Engle, VP of Government & Legal Affairs, followed by a presentation on cybersecurity that sparked engaging discussions. The presentation, led by UDT’s Director of Security Operations Center Adonis Sardinas, specifically focused on the current cyber threats and how UDT helps bridge the gap for federal customers as one of the few companies that has been awarded GSA Schedule 70 for Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services.

Cloud technology and the power of Microsoft Azure was covered by Darryl Sicker, Cloud Solutions Manager at UDT. Sicker gave insight on how the cloud can help government agencies be more connected and highlighted the importance of securing sensitive information in the cloud. After the technical presentations wrapped up, Customer Support Manager James Andrews discussed lifecycle management, emphasizing the value of UDT’s end-to-end lifecycle solutions. Offerings include from the full spectrum of solution development, imaging, etching, and configuration to warehousing and logistics, warranty support and repair, asset management, and delivery.

Following the presentations, a roundtable discussion was held that included UDT stakeholders, government customers, distributors, and industry partners. A few topics covered included current challenges faced in the industry, recent changes in health IT and data storage regulations and practices, and the protection of personal health data. Other topics discussed included an increased need for collaboration and sharing of siloed data between government and industry to better serve the public.

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