UDT Government team offers additional support after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey through GSA Disaster Purchasing Program

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Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have impacted Florida, Texas and other states, with thousands of homes still without power or water. UDT (UDT) has reopened their Florida offices as of September 12, 2017, and are committed to helping clients recover from these storms.

Now that the worst is over, many municipalities, organizations, and businesses are assessing damages and seeking some normalcy. At this time, we understand that there are plenty of resources that your team needs to get back up and running. UDT is committed to helping your institution return to normal operations, either by troubleshooting issues or helping you get the equipment you need.

The GSA Disaster Purchasing Program is available at times like these for all policy and procurement professionals. This special program allows for all state and local government entities to purchase all the products and services available under GSA Schedules. These purchases are specifically meant to help with preparedness, response, and recovery during a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The UDT Government team can assist your team with this process, and can expedite purchasing processes.

As a reminder, UDT was awarded IT Schedule 70 for small businesses including the following:

  • 132-51: IT Professional Services
  • 132-45A: Penetration Testing
  • 132-45B Incident Response
  • 132-45D: Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • 132-100: Ancillary Services (Technical Services)

We also have teaming arrangements to be able to provide leading manufacturer products and services, including CISCO, HPE, Microsoft, and many others.

We are here to help you get back on your feet. If you have any questions you can contact us online, or give us a call at 1 (833) UDT – GOVT.

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