UDT Hosts Pop-Up Makerspace at MOSI for Computer Science Education Week


In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, UDT (UDT) partnered with the Tampa Bay STEM Ecosystem, executive director of STEM Larry Plank of Hillsborough County Public Schools, and the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa for a series of events focused on STEM and Computer Science education. The technology showcase and STEM family night brought together students, educators, parents, and vendors at the newly revamped MOSI to learn about the latest In STEM learning and Coding in the Classroom.

Students engaged with a myriad of STEM tech, including Virtual Reality (VR) sets, 3D printers, and coding. Throughout the space, different stations were set up that children could visit and engage with the tech. Some of the vendors that set up stations at the makerspace included SAM Labs, MakerBot, LabDisc, ClearTouch, zSpace, FluidMath, CEF Furniture, HP Sprout, and Makeblock. While one station had a robot race taking place, another station was showcasing how students can design and print their own designs using a 3D Printer.

During the STEM Family night, parents and children came together to learn more about STEM as a whole. While the students tinkered with circuit boards and were able to get hands-on with other tech, parents were able to learn how to foster kids’ interest in STEM-focused activities at home.  The night also included the Hour of Code, which prompted students from Kindergarten to 8th grade to learn about computer science, hosted by Code.org. The museum also hosted an Educator Preview afternoon, where teachers were able to tinker around at the makerspace, and check out the revamped exhibits at MOSI.

“UDT was very excited to participate in such a great event with Hillsborough Schools and the MOSI team. UDT is passionate about the classroom and re-imagining learning,” said Devin Hicks, Director of Education Solutions at UDT. “Getting an opportunity to showcase best of breed STEM technology to students and watching the excitement and engagement from them is always a lot of fun. Additionally, exposing this technology to parents, teachers, and community leaders goes a long way in driving STEM adoption and ensuring our kids are being prepared for the jobs of the future.”

This series of events was a program from the Tampa Bay STEM Network. Sponsors included Moffitt Cancer Center Healthy Kidz Program with the Alliance for Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools, and MOSI. UDT was a proud partner of this event, providing the pop-up makerspace to MOSI. To learn more about UDT and our STEM offerings, click here.

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