UDT Named One of South Florida’s Top 100 Minority-Owned Businesses

UDT (UDT), Florida-based Information Technology specialists
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DORAL, FL –UDT (UDT), Florida-based Information Technology specialists, is proud to announce that Miami Chamber of Commerce and South Florida Business Journal magazine has named them one of South Florida’s Top 100 Minority Owned Businesses.

“Receiving this honor in a region that is heavily populated by minority-owned businesses is a big accomplishment,”

says Gerard Amaro, UDT Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“It exemplifies the fact that UDT is unique; that we stand out in the industry and the community.” In fact, the Florida Regional Minority Business Council reports that South Florida is one of the most diverse business economies in the country, and is home to nearly 500 multinational corporations. The region also boasts of the highest rate of small business growth in the nation. Says Henry Fleches, UDT President and CEO,

“From an international standpoint, this recognition contributes to the already well-established standing of UDT’s reputation in the marketplace. Additionally, it communicates to the international business community that we are a minority-owned organization with something valuable to add to their business, no matter what their location.”

As stated by the Miami Chamber of Commerce, the award celebrates the region’s “rich diversity and spirit of entrepreneurship across a wide variety of industries” giving the community an opportunity to “applaud the great strides being made by minority businesses in South Florida.” For additional information on UDT, its technology or services, please contact 305-882-0435 or email prinquiries@udtonline.com Since 1995, UDT has provided customers with the power of technology by offering innovative systems, superior guidance and education, and effective long-term strategies and ideas. With a history of community involvement, UDT continues to grow and offer their customers the ability to “accomplish more.”

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